Aziz Akbari for ACWD Director

Hi I'm Aziz!

I’m running to be on the Alameda County Water District (ACWD)'s Board of Directors. Over the past two and a half years, I have served as your Alameda County Consumer Affairs Commissioner. I have a background in Industrial and Systems Engineering and a track record of community involvement. I believe my cohesive vision will make our Water District more productive and effective so that we can continue to provide safe, clean, and affordable water to our residents. It is time we seriously tackle the drought by strengthening our water reserves, investing in our water storage facilities, and increasing transparency on our water rates. I do not accept contributions from special interest groups, lobbyists, or political action committees. I believe that with your support I can provide the leadership necessary to fix our Water District. I would be humbled to receive your vote on November 8th.

The Issues
Transparency on Water Rates

The tri-city area has seen dramatic increases in our water rates over the past few years. The ACWD is far from transparent regarding water rates, and it is time we hold them accountable and demand access to the comprehensive financial reports.

Use Recycled Water

To alleviate the burdens placed on our water systems by the lack of rainfall and prolonged drought, the ACWD must form an alliance with the Union Sanitary District to bring clean recycled water for use in our district.

Infrastructure Investment

Did you know that the majority of our water infrastructure has not been updated since the 1960’s? Maintaining a safe and reliable water supply is key to tackling the other issues brought on by the extremities of the drought conditions.


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